Friday, August 19, 2011

My first baby.

My first baby.
8lbs, 2 ounces
of adorable perfection.

He was the one that first
called me

and the first to teach me about
really super fun stuff like
cloth diapers,
then not,
footsie pajamas,
how far shattered glass can travel...

And he was wonderful.

Today he turns 15...
which makes me
sad, but proud.

That sweet baby boy is a big kid now.
He started High School this year.
He is reading the Driver's Handbook.
He is taking on more responsibilities,
hoping for a job,
and saving for a car.

But I still see him like this:

Which makes it hard to say things like:
"sure you can go take your driver's permit test."

But he's such a good kid...
all the parents tell me how respectful he is,
how much they just love him,
and how he is welcome in their homes any time.

I'm very proud of who he is becoming,
the values he lives by,
and the choices he makes.

He's still my baby boy...
even at 15.
Did I mention he's a great big brother, too??

I love you, kiddo!!
I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!!


  1. You know what else that makes you ... old :)

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