Friday, December 17, 2010

What the heck?

What is going on?
Have we landed on an alien planet??
What is wrong with people??

First the shooting at the school board earlier this week...
countless other horrible stories on the news...
things that just break your heart.

Then I read on my friend (and pastor)'s blog (his blog is here)
today about this lady who is suing Mc*Donald's
because she can't say "No" to her
kids since the marketing makes her kids want
 Happy Meal toys??
Give me a flipping BREAK!
Anyone who can't just keep driving
and tell their children NO to McD's
doesn't deserve to be a parent.
I mean, FOR REAL.

What's next??

Sue the candy people
because your kid has cavities?

Sue the toy people because 
your kids are convinced they 
NEED a new whatever-talking-toy?

Or worse...
just give in to every little thing they ask for
because you are a WIMP!
Create an entire society of people with entitlement issues
because they think they "deserve"
they want
just because.
(Oh wait.. we already HAVE that.)

Being a parent MEANS
setting limits,
saying NO,
being unpopular.

And while I'm getting all over people's business...

How about this one...

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!
To celebrate this year I thought I would
buy pointless things for people
who don't need them
or want them
with money I don't have
while forgetting 
why we have this holiday
and stressing myself out
so bad
that I need medication
just to get through
this month.
Happy Birthday!


But wait! There's more!

I am so OVER middle schoolers and their
feigned interest in breast-cancer awareness.
On the news today was a story about
kids at a PA middle school being expelled for
wearing awareness bracelets that say 
I (heart) Boob*es.
The students say its all about
"Breast Cancer Awareness".
Hogwash I say.
My son earlier this year wore
another student's jacket
(a girl) 
which happened to be baby pink.
Every day.
For "breast cancer awareness".
Uh huh.
How about Breast Awareness.
That sounds more accurate to me.

Like posting a cartoon photo on facebook
is going to stop child abuse...
or posting what color bra you wear
will bring awareness to anything 
other than your bra color.

Get a real cause.

Do something REAL
for a REAL person
who has a REAL need.

it's not about me
or you
or McD's
or presents under a tree
or any 
other stupid
they can dream up.

It's about being Jesus
to a world in 

Heaven knows we need it.


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