Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EVIL, I tell you...

Baby Boy...
poor, sweet, precious baby boy...

He much prefers to just stay warm.
And dry.
And not in need of mittens.
INSIDE the house.

But, being the good mom that I am...
I thought I would be interrogated in an unkind way
someday in the future
if there were no pictures of him
in his first SNOW!

So I took him out... all bundled up...

and snapped photos while he expressed
his displeasure.

He was wearing like 5 layers of clothes.


OTHER small children LOVED the snow...
(#6.. hugging the snow)

AND this one loved it too!!
(#5 kept saying "Me snow I love!)

And we had some neighbors over to play outside...
we were the only weird-o's playing in the snow at night
but by morning it had turned a little crunchy!

First snowfall... CHECK!


  1. Baby boy is not alone...Isabella cried and cried some more her first time out. It took her a good 15 mintues to get comfortable with the white stuff.

  2. SO FUN!!! Your a good Mom, of course, he'll thank you someday!! :)

  3. Well, you torture the kid with snow, I'll torture the kid with Santa Claus.


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