Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Perspective

I have always loved Santa!
I love the story,
I love the spirit,
I love the fun of playing the game.

I love opening my stocking the MOST
on Christmas morning
and I love the magical sparkle in my 
children's eyes when they see the
crumbs on the plate and the 
letter left behind addressed to them.

I mean,
I make reindeer food to sprinkle in the yard.

I have always loved these things!

this year something is different.

The littles seem to recognize Santa,
but they have no history with him.
They don't have any concept of Christmas morning.

For the middle two who still let me think they 
believe in Santa...
I have a hard time explaining how it is that

Santa only visits rich kids.

I mean, seriously.
Think about that for a second.

Just over a year ago, my babies were literally starving.
To death.
They barely had clothes,
had no shoes,
and they were dying.

But Santa didn't bring them anything.
He didn't put a tootsie roll bank in their stockings.
He didn't leave them a blankie
or a snuggly stuffed animal.
He left them without gifts
and took presents to all the
rich kids around the world.

Without giving my husband any reasons to say
"SEE! I told you we never should have done the
whole 'Santa' thing!!"...
maybe this year, we will really be able to focus
on the

Because, you know what??
Santa failed my babies.
But Jesus saved their lives,
held them on cold nights,
wept when they were sad,
and kept them safe from dangers in the night.

Jesus didn't put candy canes 
in their stockings,
but He put them in our family...
and that, my friends,


  1. Wow. This made me cry. So, so true. And amen. Praise God that He saved your babies and mine!

  2. This post just gave me goosebumps. Amen!

  3. Thank you. I've always been a lover of Santa as well, and you're right, it just doesn't feel the same this year.

    Merry Christmas to your family!

  4. Oh wrote everything I feel but am unable to write well! Thank you for posting this. For the past 4 years (probably longer) we've had this major discontent and unsettled feeling about Christmas (which was my favorite holiday). As I sit, I look out my window and see lights, hear Christmas music playing, see "Merry Christmas" signs everywhere-and of course one picture of Santa after another. I live in a 95% Buddhist country and they (most Thai's) have zero clue what "christmas" is all about. In fact, here CHRISTMAS is used everywhere which doesn't even happen stateside anymore (Happy Holidays doesn't exist here...b/c it's not even a holiday). Still, the reason behind all looks good and Thai's love to celebrate. The 25th has no merit or special meaning. In fact, Dec. 4 is the KING's Birthday and they go CRAZY for their King. They celebrate all day long...not by over buying and over spending, but in worshipping their KING. Sad to see b/c I think most Christians honor "Santa" more than our KING!
    Again, as I look out and see "Christmas lights" I can't hep but first see the "slums" you walk by before getting to the classy decorated malls. And I'm sure the further out we go the fewer lights and bliss we see.

    Remembering Christ and the journey to the cross is what we're focusing on. Thank you for writing such a powerful message!!!

  5. Amen, it's because Jesus is real and Santa is not. I've struggled with this as well. Aubrey is getting old enough now to ask questions when we take an angel off a tree or send care packages to children overseas. Why doesn't Santa bring them anything? Why indeed, little one?

  6. A few years ago my little Ethio boy asked me why Santa didn't come to Ethiopia....and we tell our kids that Santa only brings presents to good children...that was a hard pill to swallow. It made me reevaluate the Santa fraud.


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