Monday, December 27, 2010

Their first Christmas!

Christmas was
I may have had a slight
teary mini-breakdown on the 23rd
just thinking about how grateful I am that
my babies are

we aren't begging some
committee somewhere on the west coast
to allow us to be their parents.
We ARE the parents.

THIS year
we weren't 
looking at grainy photos
with sad eyes
and sickly bodies.

THIS year 
we had squeals of delight,
laughter that brought tears,
and overwhelming

we had our bouts of
"oh my gosh they are
SO overwhelmed
SO tired
SO needing a nap!"
but mostly
it was lots of fun!

Hearing #6 walking around
the house all day on Christmas
"Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! 
Happy Birthday, baby Jesus!"
like the last line of the traditional birthday song...
just too sweet.

Baby Boy 
terrified of the tennis-ball-sized
toy chipmunk
that squeaks
and races across the wood floors...
but thinks flying down
the toy roller coaster
is lots of fun!
Go figure.

And #5,
who thought she 
was going to get to 
"hold baby Jesus"
on Christmas
since it was His birthday
after all!

And the bigger four...
they were very sweet too.
They enjoyed helping the littles
decide what to open next,
putting their toys together,
and teaching them how to play with them.
Learning to use a Sit-N-Spin is a big skill, you know!
We had a VERY Merry Christmas!
Do you see my baby boy??
oh THERE he is! Under all that packing paper his sister is throwing on top of him!

Why can't I have a pink tricycle?

Extreme coastering. Take one.

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  1. ahhh love the threesome.. The whole sibling idea I love. Right now I am counting down until my own sibling pair come home. I just love the biological bond they will have with each other.


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