Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How are we doing?

Let's see.
The kids are doing great.
They are adjusting well...
all 7 of them.
The "first 4" are a little shocked by the noise level and the sheer volume of crying in a day...
but overall they are doing well.

The new 3 are keeping me on my toes.
I had NO idea how un-baby-proof my house was until last Tuesday night.

Honestly, I am a little over the whole 
"Mommy's full service potty tour" 
that happens a billion times a day.
I am growing to HATE the term "ca-ca".
Baby boy is in diapers full time and I swear that is easier right now.

We have a few English words under our belts...
Doggie (who they still LOATHE with passion)
Banana (also known as bananamuz - a combo with Amharic)
Up - as in pick me up
Mommy, Daddy and all the other family names
Hi, Bye-Bye
And I think that's it.

The girls sing ALL the TIME.
Slight exaggeration... its actually maybe 6 hours a day.
Crazy lots of singing.
In Wolaytinga.
And Amharic.
And Kembatta.
Yeah... Lilly knows songs in 4 languages.

Talking amongst themselves
I hear a LOT of "backa backa backa America!"
and "blahdeeblah blah Mommy!"
Then they sing together!

We are doing fine.
I am tired, I will admit that.
I miss the old days of waking up to relative quiet or sleeping through the night without wondering who fell out of the bed this time (around the gauntlet of bed rails), who is going to wake whom up with said crying, or if they will go back to sleep or be up for the day at 5am.
I miss the days of running to the store and leaving the kids home since they are old enough to do that.

Then I get those moments of joy:
Seeing a funny face made when they are happy and having fun,
Hearing a new song I didn't know they knew,
Seeing them dance to music on tv or on a commercial,
Hugs and kisses goodnight,
Sloppy wet kisses from a 2 year old baby boy,
knowing they are forever OURS.


  1. You are amazing. I don't know how you're keeping sane, let alone blogging. I remember months back on the Holt board when you were fighting the committee for your children. Boy, were they wrong the first time! Congratulations. I can't wait to hear more.

  2. love the update... you guys are amazing! Praying for sleep for ALL of you tonight. It would be so cool to hear them sing. With only 1 kiddo coming home, we don't get to hear the languages... oh how I'd love to hear that. Can we get our kids to skype sometime?

  3. Love seeing your update. I've been thinking about you guys and praying for you for quite some time now!! What a blessing to be home and begin being a family together. It is definitely an adjustment. God's blessings on you as you continue on this road of loving these precious little ones.

  4. i bet its really cool having the two girls so verbal in their natives tongues- they may be able to remember many words from it, even as the grow older and learn English.


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