Wednesday, August 25, 2010

22 days of firsts

This was supposed to be a "3 weeks home" post.
Well, because things are a teenise weensie busy around here...
yesterday was 3 weeks home, but here I am spending a portion of my nap time to tell you about it TODAY!

For the most part, since the day we met them our kids have been introduced to SOMETHING totally new EVERY day.
Like what, you ask?

Well, US for one.
Then there's...
First ice cream
First pretzels
First hotel stay
First bath in a warm tub
First Snickers bar
First elevator ride
First escalator ride
First airplane ride
First tram ride
First steps into the USA
First buckled-into-a-carseat experience
First meeting of siblings
First meeting of the dog
First night in their new beds
First bubble bath
First trampoline jumps
First swim in the pool

I could go on and on from this already super long list!!

The point is...

My sweet babies have experienced more firsts in the past 22 days than most people have this YEAR.

What would YOU do if your life was suddenly, irrevocably, completely turned upside down and NOTHING was familiar to you anymore? Seriously! Think about that!

I think that given this extreme set of circumstances and experiences, our three are doing AWESOME.

They laugh, they smile, they have accidents, they spill stuff everywhere, they test limits, they play, they hug, they kiss, they make messes, they cry, they do ALL the things toddler/preschoolers should be doing!

So how are we doing??

We really are doing well.
I have my moments when I resent my new schedule...
but a lot of that is just going from working full-time to staying home.
A lot of it is amnesia.
I forgot a LOT of what toddlers/preschoolers do and attempt each day!

Tomorrow our social worker comes for our first post-placement visit.
Honestly, today it feels like we JUST got home!
How can we be doing our 1-month visit already?

We still have ringworm.
We still have giardia.
We still have an itchy rash from finding out about a penicillin allergy.
We have completed 5 doctor appointments and have a bone-scan to determine a better age for the baby boy coming up.
We have met our deductible on our insurance...

I still get annoyed with the constant potty parade...
I still hate filling vials of poop...
but I love three little brown babies and can't imagine not having them here!

Off to check on the shint-bet situation...

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  1. So happy to hear you are doing good together, albiet craziness greets you daily, but you sound great and happy (and busy)!

    We had ringworm for months - it's a nightmare - and the poop issues (times three) must be a challenge.

    You're doing awesome as a mommy to many!


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