Saturday, September 1, 2012

Check out my new cubbies!

My husband built these for the hallway by the laundry area! Aren't
they FABULOUS?!! Everyone gets their own color towel, a cup with their
own toothpaste and toothbrush inside. I put the boys' combs in their
cubbies and the two oldest girls have a brush and other hair things in
their cubbies.
Someday when I have unused/overflowing creative juices I plan to put a
photo of each kiddo over their cubby!
I just love these! Thanks, honey!!
("cubby"... it's a weird word.)


  1. Can I hire him for the weekend?! I can barely even hang a picture straight, much less make awesome things like this!

    1. Where in this post did I say this was completed in a weekend?? ha ha ha ha ha!!

  2. Love it. May use for our "boys suite" when we get it finished.

  3. These are fantastic! And I'm with you..."cubby" is, indeed, a weird word. :)

  4. I started overhauling our laundry/clothing/towel situation earlier this summer--then got overwhelmed with other things--this inspires me to get back in the saddle and complete it! Wonderful cubbies--we have them in our garage for sports equipment/backpacks/sweatshirts but I hadn't ever thought of bathroom cubbies. Great idea!

  5. Excellent! I always feel strange with that word, too. Love the own towel thing, too. We have white towels from Walmart that each have a different color stripe. It helps so much! Ours are just on hooks all over the bathroom. We are building a new bathroom/mudroom RIGHT BY our back door. Each function has its own "room" so multiple people can use the space at one time. Makes me understand how exciting it was for those moms I used to see winning a new washer and dryer on The Price is Right!

  6. Nice job finding that many different colors of towel! Lol

  7. Oooooo....I have jealousy issues now girl!!! ;)

    LOVE THIS!!!!

    We do have shoe cubby drawer things - that I love. Of course we have 2 of them...he he he....


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