Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Money Bible Re-Do!

(For my Granny... what I did with my birthday money this year!)

My Bible was falling apart.
Everything after Hebrews was pretty much loose leaf.

This one is sentimental to me because my husband gave it to me the year we got married.
Up until then I had a paperback bible I used in school, but never a grown-up leather Bible.

This is funny because:
A. He used our last name
B. He wrote NOTHING else! 
My bullet-point husband... I love him!

So... I read on this website about this guy making a "Blank Bible" which was pretty cool... 
but since this is one of two that I routinely carry around and I wasn't planning on purchasing a new Bible to chop up...
I decided to do a Chrissy-version of the same thing.

I got over the voice shouting "HERETIC!!" in my head.
I mean, come on. 
It's not like I'm adding a C.S. Lewis book in there and calling it the inspired word of God.

I finished pulling the Bible off of the glue on the spine...
and measured.
Since I have these thumb-cheater-tabs on the side, I decided I needed to make the paper a bit smaller in width than the actual Bible.
This was a VERY difficult decision, but I figured with the curves on the edges AND the recessed tabs... this was my best bet. And I will not obsess about it. Much. 
See? If the paper was at the edge - the pointy part sticks out
 past the circular edges. Not okay.

Third step... I took my paper measurements to Kinkos and asked the Hipster guy to cut 200 pieces of paper to the measurements I had figured out at home. This took 2 hours... so we went to Chik-fil-a. 
Came back, paid for the paper chopping service (around $8) and I went out to the car and sat there listening to VeggieTales sing-along songs and inserting 3 pages between each book of the Bible (unless it was a one-chapter or one/two page book... then I did one page. 
Nothing personal, Obadiah... I just presumed I wouldn't take more/longer notes than you used in your whole book.)

Then I took the book back inside Kinko's and debated with the Kinko experts about how to bind the thing. I removed the extra stack at the front and back and it was still too fat for a spiral binding (which is what I was hoping for). 
They had a hard-back book type binding... but then it wouldn't lay flat.
(the whole point of doing this was to add pages for notes - hard to do with a very stiff binding.)
They suggested breaking it into two volumes... but I just couldn't do that... I mean, I'm carrying this to church and Bible study. I don't want two volumes. I want one. Dadgummit.
So we went to comb binding. I could put my extra pages back inside and still comb-bind it... 
and they swore to me it wouldn't tear the pages and if the comb became stretched out or started making me think I was about to have 800 pages of scripture blowing around the church parking lot, I could bring it back in and replace the comb for around $2. Fine. Comb Binding it is.
 Another $8 later...

Ultimately, I'm really happy with it!! I would have loved a big fat spiral more...
but since that's the Loch Ness Monster of the office supply world, I figure this is the best I can do with what I have. 
I took it to  Small Group last night and I LOVED how it would lay flat in my lap so I could read out of our study materials and not lose my place! 
*I have yet to write in my new note-taking space... because I am going to go get special pens today! 

Happy Birthday to ME!!


  1. Just saw this idea and LOVE IT! My pages are filled with notes all over the pages :)

  2. Hey! I recognize that "Student Bible" Luke!


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