Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moose cupcakes

This is not a food blog.
There are places you can go to read about food,
recipes, ingredients, and stuff like that...
this is typically not that place.
I made these cupcakes that I think are cute,
and since I couldn't find instructions online when *I* wanted to make them...
here ya go!
One of our daughters birthday fell on Labor Day this year. 
This meant I got an extra few days to send in her
"my happiness as a child in this class and ultimately my success in making friends and having good self-esteem depends on what birthday snack I bring in" birthday cupcakes.
Okay, so it's not quite that bad.
(yes it is.)
I emailed the teacher and found out they were reading the "If you give a Moose/Mouse/Pig..." series at school that week...
so a Google search was born.
This is what I came up with:

I made some cupcakes and some chocolate mouse frosting.
(hindsight -When you make these - use regular frosting. Don't go fancy. Keep reading for why.)

While they were cooling, I free-hand drew some moose antlers on plastic wrap.
(hind-sight - make some going in the opposite direction or you have one bumpy antler, one smooth antler. Also, make 20% more antlers than you think you need.)

Then, I had those large rolls of tootsie roll stuff - the ones that look like a Lincoln log.
I cut them into pieces and used my rolling pin to flatten them into a moose head shape.
Having never seen a moose in person, this was up to my interpretation.
Use a decorating marker to draw a moose-ish face on each one. I used a dab of white chocolate with a smaller dab of dark chocolate to make the eyes. I was going for non-creepy, cartoon-ish eyes.

Then, assemble your moose. (plural)

Okay. I have the world's most awesome cupcake carrier.
It holds 36 cupcakes and it's the sweetest shade of blue!
It was a gift - so no, you can't go buy one.

Moose Lodge. (hahahaha!)

Final note...

And if you happen to have leftovers that travel home in the Moose Lodge with their newly-7-year-old captor...
they may look like this when they get home:


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