Friday, October 5, 2012

Finish line

That magical moment during the day when otherwise exhausted children suddenly decide to drop their deepest, most troubling thoughts or memories at your worn-out feet and look up at you with giant brown eyes that say "okay, lady, now what are you going to do with this?"

Bedtime sometimes leaves me speechless.
Like last night when I was doing my nightly whack-a-mole routine trying to get 5 boys into bunk beds, prayed up, tucked in, laying down, and staying in that position when out of the blue...
"Mom, Ethiopia is very, very hard."
And so it begins.
The snowball effect of three precious boys recalling events, retelling stories, acting out behaviors, and asking for confirmation that THIS place is where they will stay forever.

"Mom, I don't want to go back to Ethiopia. There's mean, mean people there. I want to stay here."

It is out of this hard place that my previous post on the Jesus who is the warrior, defender of the weak, reigning world champion comes in and holds me up from falling over into a puddle on the floor as I reach for that sweet boy and squeeze him tight and whisper in his ear
"Baby, you stay with ME. I'M your Mommy and I love you. NO ONE is allowed to hurt you here."

It was at that magical hour one night when I could see the hurt in our son's eyes and I came up with this little affirming statement for them that they repeat after me. I kneel down to their level and look at those gorgeous chocolate eyes and say
"I am my Mommy's baby.
My mommy LOVES me.
I am a treasure."

Yes...It gets me every time, too.

Sometimes it's mundane.
Sometimes I'm just over it and I wish they'd all just get in the bed and go to sleep by themselves.
But, I would have missed it when our former-youngest-child suddenly stood up for his brothers and said "when I get big, I'm going to go to Ethiopia and PUNCH them TWICE. In the FACE!" and inside my spirit did this giant "YEAH!!" shout of success and I couldn't help but smile and think... wow, he's protective of them. We've come a long way, baby! That's progress. That's bonding. That's brotherly love and that's a watering hole in the desert of attachment.

Oh, bedtime.
Mine needs to be earlier for sure... but the silence and the rest I feel in those few hours of quiet are at least as refreshing for my brain as the extra hour or two of sleep. I need that time to unpack my day, re-think things I said or did, compose myself for tomorrow and go over my mental checklists. I just need that little space between the days for myself.

Bedtime - it's the finish line for the day. It's the end of the "stuff" and it's the pause before the next "stuff" hits. It's one last hug and kiss, one more drink of water, prayers for stuff only kids think of, and walking out of the room with a deep exhale that says "see? you made it after all."


  1. Hi Chrissy
    I read your post today with two fold part of my heart aches for the children (in our case from Ethiopia) that are hurt by the people who are supposed to protect them and show them the Love of the Father! They suffer unimaginable things at the hands of the very people who claim to "save" them or love them. On the other hand, I am rejoicing that these brave courageous little souls are learning enough about the Fathers love from people who "love them like crazy" and promise to love them always and forever! They slowly speak of and let out the hurts they have endured while in another place!
    We brought our little boy home 1 year ago and it was in July of this past summer that he started to share all of the things that have happened to him...he continues to open up more and more...although I sometimes wonder...really? people really do that! He is a brave little boy with the potential to do great things...much like your children who vow to "protect" others from what they endured!
    I would love to talk with you more about this offline if you wouldn't mind!
    thanks for loving them with the Fathers love and following HIM in obedience!
    laurie hebbe

  2. I am definitely following your blog!!! I love your heart already :)


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