Friday, November 2, 2012

Words < Photos

Sorry... I know it's been nearly a month since I posted anything
(to the three of you who come to see if there's anything new to see here).

I do have things to say...
but at this time, I'm not sure how to say them.
I'm spending the month in daily thankfulness on Facebook...
so that's a nice way to keep my heart squared up nicely.
I'll combine those thoughts a week at a time and post them here to save them.

So... until I put some things into words... 
here is a quick snippet of what's going on around here!



which led to the death of
Sir Mix-a-Lot.

    Very sad.

One day my husband was cooking while I was not home and had trouble finding cinnamon. 
I wasn't thrilled.

So I spent some time reorganizing and did this:
Look at THAT! Cinnamon: row two, far right.

Last week, our 16-year-old got his license...
And ever since,
I've been handing over my keys.
However, if your kid can take and pass his driver's exam in a 15-passenger van...
I think he's a pretty well-qualified driver.
And super cool.
Way cooler than most other 16-year-old boys.

 This is leaving the DMV:

 And later that day...taking his sister out for free taco day at the 'Bell:

note terrified look on daughter's face.

Double checking... they thought I'd cry. Nope.  Pick up some TP on the way home.   

And I'm now officially old. Commence grey hair and dinner before 5pm.

 We spent a LOT of time at soccer...

 These boys make me smile:

 And we watched a lot of football:

And we watched soccer some more...

 And I found this Wonder Woman cape at a thrift store...I love it...

These two turned FOUR...

We played at the park...

and we acted all super-cool.

So, that's pretty much our October! 
I'll post something more thought-provoking soon... just organizing my words in my brain!
Happy November!


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