Saturday, November 3, 2012

That three-question thingy

(this post isn't funny. there are no pictures. it's not about my kids. sorry.)

I am fairly certain I've written before about my three-question test to try to determine if a path you are considering is God's Will for your life.
It's presumptuous, I know...
but I think when you're dealing with something like free-will and you're a Jesus-loving person trying to discern God's Will when it's not spelled out to the letter in Scripture... you need some kind of road map.

Thus was born...the Three-Question Test.

 (a recap for those who missed that post... and since I can't find it...)

Before you get all legalistic on me... I'm talking about big decisions in your life... the ones you pray about and spend hours pondering, make pro's and con's lists about, the ones that keep you up at night. These are the things we are talking about here... not "which flavored syrup to add to my latte". Got it? Okay.

1. Do I have scripture to back it up one way or the other? I believe that this forces you to open up your Bible, check the concordance, read scripture, allow it to permeate your soul, and breathe deeply the Word of God the Father.

2. When I pray about it, do I feel peace?
The Holy Spirit inhabits the very inner workings of Christ-followers.
He can NOT lead you astray and like the song says:
Kickin' it OLD SCHOOL with Newsboys....                                                         "It's just a spirit thing
It's just a holy nudge
It's like a circuit judge in the brain
It's just a spirit thing
It's here to guard my heart
It's just a little hard to explain
It pushes when I quit

It smells a counterfeit
Sometimes it works a bit like a teleprompter..."

 3. Would it PLEASE God? This requires you to know the heart of God through Jesus. I imagine myself sitting at His feet... going over choices and decisions with Him and I look up with exasperation in my eyes and say "but... would this please YOU, Lord?"
And if my answer is YES... well... what else is there?

My Three Questions always stopped there. 
I had my answer. 

Then recently I began to be bothered by something.

I think there should be an over-arching fourth question.

Now... hang with me. 
This is where my train of thought smashes a lazy cow standing in the middle of the tracks and keeps on going. Thump. Moo.

The fourth question... maybe a final thought on these big decision moments... 
What would bring God the MOST glory?
Maybe the answer isn't what you'd think. 
Maybe what would bring God the most glory would not make sense otherwise.

Sometimes God allows weirdness to take place to draw attention to us... to bring Him glory. 
(see family picture above)

Sometimes... we presume we know God's will, but we have not really considered what brings Him glory. 
Sometimes what brings Him the most glory alienates us from the common-sense crowd.
Sometimes He points us down a path that seems absurd... 
just so He can say "but do you TRUST me?"

I don't know if anyone needed to read this... or if it's just for ME... but I know that whenever I/we have had to try to make a big decision, this method of figuring things out has really helped bring me/us peace! 


Okay, I lied... one quick picture.
This makes me smile:


  1. Chrissy, Yes your post is extremely timely and Yes weird things are going on here. Wish we were neighbors so I could just stop by and ask you a million questions and get to know your precious heart. We have 4 teens and we are waiting to adopt 2 "older" children from Ethiopia. Which posts should I read first? Were any of your kids "older" (4yrs+) when you adopted them? Love the sweet picture!

    1. Tobi- of our two adoptions, all but two of our 8 kids are "older"... 4+.
      Start on the side... Our first kids were home Aug.2010, second have been home since April 2012! Any posts around those dates should help! ;) blessings!!

  2. Thanks, Chrissy. I just today requested a leave of absence from work because even though it's not the common sense thing to do (hello, money!?), but because I could clearly sense it was the best choice for our family.

  3. Needed your post...needed your 3 filter questions...especially needed #4. My heart has ached to adopt a sibling group from Africa for over 4 years now. Ached. My loving, supportive and fabulous husband has the heart (and was once seemingly on the same page), but now is consumed with the like. I've been blessed with the perspective that my husband is not the obstacle...God will move when He wants to (and he felt my marriage could manage this particular much as I dislike it). The question process I go through....This wouldn't be so weighted on my heart if it wasn't from God. I've asked for it to be removed (and it has only taken root and grown)it is illogical to add a sibling group (3-4) on top of my biological 5 (but that's how God works)...everything I hear, see, read, take in makes me hear "adopt." But your 4th question is what I have been wrestling with. Adoption is in the would please God to do it...and I feel peace about it when I think about it (no peace when I try to ditch the longing and accept today for all there is)...but would it bring God glory (or the most glory) for us to go down the path of adoption (verses some other help orphans route)? I think makes sense...but I don't know. And as the wait wears on, I often get quite self absorbed and figure I'm just not good enough to be used through adoption (maybe if I was more patient with my current children or fed them organic stuff or allowed them more than one extra curricular activity or...or...). So, I appreciate the 4th question...and I so desperately will try to seek what brings him glory instead of whinning about how much I think that should be adoption...although...I still have hope that is exactly what it is...and soon.

    1. Hey there! Over the years we've added four to our bio five...can't imagine missing out on having any of our kids in our lives. You seem absolutely centered and well grounded in your thinking to me. --Elaine

  4. Not related to this post of yours but wanted to say: NOW I know what Injera is! Quite by accident. Don't know why I didn't think to google it sooner - as I couldn't quite "get" the title of this blog called Injera & Chocolate!

    I have been considering making a recipe that says I can use Teff in place of the grain Amaranth. So I went to look up Teff and found this: In Ethiopia, teff is fermented and used to make injera, a traditional sourdough-type flatbread.

    Ahhh, sooooo.....a light bulb went on! Now I get your blog name. And I have to ask: DO you make this flatbread for the kids?? :)

  5. Chrissy-My husband and I were sitting with our heads in our hands about a school decision for our nine this morning. We try to always say, "We are here to love God and to serve God. How can we best move forward to continue to do that?" Last night we did not have our heads in our hands because we had FAITH and TRUST, but for some reason I woke up hoarding our current situation. Your four questions are great! I am so glad God nudged me to read your blog just after my husband left for work! Thanks for cooperating with God to get that post out. --Elaine


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