Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken drama

Hang on - not sure where this is going.

Oh my word.
This day.
Happy "End of Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day" everyone!
If you're anywhere on social media... it's been a doozy.
I'm sick of hearing about where everyone did or did not eat lunch.

Here's my unsolicited opinion on the whole thing. (because you didn't ask)
There were several schools of thought on the day:
1. Every God-fearing, Bible-reading, Church-going person who calls themselves a Christian should go eat at CFA today to support the company. (since the mayors of two cities said they can't build there due to their religious views)
2. If you love like Jesus, you'll stay far from CFA today to show the gay/GLBT community that you love them, like Jesus would.
3. Bash those who ate at CFA today because they are clearly lining the pockets of THE MAN and they should have used their money more wisely like building wells in poor countries, helping people adopt, feeding children, supporting missionaries, buying cedar chips for dog beds in the local humane society... ad nauseum... because their cause is more important daggnabbit!
4. I'm sick of hearing about chicken. I hate chicken. Eat more cows. Besides CFA has MSG in their chicken. And it's too expensive. And Bah-humbug while we're at it.


Folks, this world is a SERIOUSLY messed up place when we can spend an entire day (and an entire blog post, news reports, newspaper articles, etc) talking about whether or not to support a particular restaurant by making a food purchase there on a particular day... or bashing those who do or do not participate.

I read stuff today that made my blood boil.
Stuff like "do you think that eating at Chik-fil-a is going to show Jesus' love to the gay person driving by?"  and "that money should have gone to something more deserving" and even an article "exposing" further "evils" of the CFA empire.

I did not go to CFA today. It's not because I like or do not like gay people. It's not because I support or do not support a stance by a business owner. It's not even about freedom of speech/opinion/religion. I just don't take this huge flock of children out to eat ANYwhere unless it's a special occasion or it's free! CFA makes this peppermint stick milkshake in the winter that makes me want to kidnap the poor unsuspecting shake-maker and force them to work in a shake-making sweatshop in my garage for the rest of his/her life only making me peppermint stick milkshakes at my beck and call. I pink fuzzy heart waffle fries in all their glory. I love their little dipping cups of ketchup and I love the indoor play place. They could come out and say they hate puppies, coffee, rainbows, hummingbirds, "Hang In There!" motivational kitten posters and pistachios and I'd still eat there when those peppermint shakes are in season. *yes, there is a "season".

I shop at T@rget. I shop at Home Dep0t. I shop at Who1e foods some times. I buy from Amaz0n and I desperately wish to take my kids to Disney... and I don't research the president of each company's stance on kitten posters or coffee intake or even Christian values. Why? Because it's a STORE. They have things I need there... I go there to purchase them. I go where the prices are fair and I get good quality for the money.

Those who ate at CFA today made a statement - for whatever it's worth.
Whether they were anti-gay marriage, pro-freedoms, or just had a hankerin' for a fried chicken sandwich with pickles... they ate food from a company who bought their buns and pickles and chicken and flour and super-secret seasoning blend and potatoes and tea bags and lemons and ice cream and ketchup and napkins and styrofoam clamshell containers from some vendor somewhere who may be gay. The bun delivery guy may have a lesbian daughter. The pickle-makers might hate puppies and motivational kitten posters, too. 
I don't know. But I know that a bunch of professing Christians sitting around puffing themselves up arguing over who is better - those who ate chicken or those who didn't eat chicken today - isn't glorifying the God they claim to serve.

For the love of all things cute and fluffy... can we please drop the chicken drama now??


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