Sunday, July 15, 2012


Super exciting, no?
Okay... no.
Kale isn't my favorite thing ever.
I'm always trying to get more green foods into my kids...
and kale chips seemed like a good thing to try?

I looked up some recipes
and tried to figure out what MY kids might actually eat...
and it was a success!

here's what I did:

1. Get some kale.
2. Pull the thinner leafy stuff off of the stalk-type thingy.

3. Put thinner leaf parts onto a sheet pan. 
(I used a cooling rack too)

4. Get some stuff out of the cabinet.

Sea salt, Old Bay, oil in a spray bottle.
5. Spray the leaf parts with oil, sprinkle with stuff.

6. Put the kale into the oven at 400 degrees.

7. Set your timer for 10 minutes...
then get the kale out of the oven and throw it into a bowl! 

8. Taste it, determine your children will NEVER like it... but offer it to them anyway.

9. Determine to make MORE kale chips next time 
since they inhaled the first two bunches in one day!

10. Teach children to say "kale".

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