Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My baby girl turned FOURTEEN!!
Oh my gracious,
how does that happen so fast??
I just know it was yesterday that she would stand on the coffee table with my yellow cleaning gloves on her feet and quack like a duck...
It seems like a moment ago that she wanted to be a puppy for Halloween
hated having her hair fixed...
unless it was Aunt Cassie doing it for her!

14 years ago, she was the tiniest baby I've had!
6lbs, 12 ounces...
preemie clothes falling off of her little shoulders...
sleeping on my chest on the couch during her big brother's nap time.

14 years have passed and that baby girl
with the beautiful brown eyes
and wavy hair
and chubby cheeks
is now a
beautiful young woman.

She is an honor student,
has great friends,
chooses her clothing and makeup conservatively,
helps out around the house,
and loves Jesus.

She wants to be a missionary, you know.
In Africa.
I wonder where she ever got that idea?

Oh, baby girl...
I'm so proud of who you are becoming.
I'm proud of you because you are mine.
I'm proud to call you my daughter and 
I just love you SO much!!

Let's stop getting older now, okay?

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!

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  1. Happy 14th!!!!!! I AGREE STOP GROWING!!!

    I tell my babes that all the time....and they don't listen!!! :)


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