Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faith, Prayer and Mrs. Doubtfire

I have a sweet friend.
We went to church together,
I read all her stuff on facebook,
her kids are super talented and funny and kind,
and she's just an all-around good woman to know.

A week or so ago, I asked for her perspective on my
continuing debate about the accuracy of the statement 
"it's all in God's timing".
 I won't get into that discussion now, 
but Ms. Kate shared with me that she would be praying with/for me
that our kiddos would be home with us sooner than 
we can estimate with our little calendar/spreadsheet/formula.

And she taught me a new word!
See, Ms. Kate is a Bible scholar.
My little ol' 70-something credit hours of 
Bible courses are what she eats for breakfast!

Elpis is the Greek word for HOPE!
I did some digging in my Strong's 
(yeah, I've got skillz... and resources too...)
and found out it can be used to mean:

This word has been rolling around in my brain for days now,
collecting little bits and pieces and turning into a giant snowball of word-picture.

Then as I was praying...
I kept hearing "Elpis - on the way"
huh? Say it out loud....
"elpis on the way"
HELP IS on the way!
Help, Lord... I need hope.
(it's on the way)
Help, Lord... I need confidence.
(it's on the way)
Hope/Expectation/Trust/Confidence... are on the way.
My kiddos... are on the way.
Hope... is on the way.

And you know me...
my brain is a MESS.
So... I picture Jesus...
a little like Mrs. Doubtfire.
I hope that's not completely awful...
but check this out:

Yep... today I see Jesus - running to my rescue,
jumping over walls, hurdling barricades, and
bringing me

Thank you, Ms. Kate.
This Momma's heart needed your words.

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  1. PRAYING with you with a HUGE FAITH that GOD will move all mountains concerning bringing your children HOME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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