Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi from Germany!

Hi everyone!
Thanks for checking in,
I made it to Germany...
with no sleep...
so I'm a little...
well, crazy.

I bought coffee, again...
so I'm sleep deprived, but very hyper..
which is always fun.

I will be taking off from here around 6am CST, 
so around the time you wake up/woke up today...
and until around 3pm CST...
I will be in the air.


My legs hurt from sitting.

However, this morning
(while I wasn't sleeping)
I got to see the sunrise over the North Sea and the shore of England!
(Great Britain?)
It was gorgeous.
You could see a few lights still on,
the line of waves crashing on the beaches...
and the pink highlights from the sun.
Just gorgeous!

I hope to be able to check in and update you about my trip...
but if not, I will hopefully be able to post photos when I return!!


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