Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thankful Thuesday

Yeah, I know it's TUEsday... but that doesn't "go" with Thankful.
I could have waited till Thursday...
so get over it! :)

Today I am listing some things I am thankful for, in no particular order!

I am thankful for the Barney VHS I bought at a garage sale for .25! So far, we are up to $.016 per minute of peace and quiet! Well worth that investment.

I am thankful for the cooler fall weather! While I may have frozen most of my children through the night, the cooler air brought an additional 45 minutes of sleep to two of my babies last night! YAY fall!

I am thankful for my hubby. When he isn't here, I think of all the things I could have had help doing, thinking, saying or dealing with... and I realize how much he is a part of me. He loves me even when I am at my worst... 5 days into a sugar-free/chocolate-free existence, and listens to my heart on all the things that I wonder about our future (without freaking out or making me feel like I'm insane).

I am thankful for my children. All 7 of them. I am thankful that the Lord thought enough of me to allow me to parent His babies and that He allows me to continue to do so. The days are long, but the years are short and I realize this more and more the older they (and I) get.

I am thankful for my family and friends.

  • My sister blogs over at The Boltons. She is VERY funny and such a great mom to her new baby girl, my first niece, who is now 6 months old! She takes great photos and always makes me laugh about something! Where as my blog tends to be adoption/orphan/borderline-depressing ... hers is adorable, funny and happiness-inducing! Go say Hi! 
  • I am thankful for my friend Jamey who encourages me and reminds me to be thankful in little things! She is a great mom also and quite an inspiration with the courage she has shown in the face of adversity over the past 4 1/2 months since arriving home with Little Miss from Ethiopia. She always admits when she fails and falls, but always gets back up... and that's the best any of us can do! 
  • We met wonderful people in our travel group when we went to Ethiopia, and while we all live far away from one another, a quick email back and forth helps immensely! To just hear from folks who have been home the same number of days and weeks... and to know you are not alone... it's a huge blessing! 
  • I am thankful for my new friend Katie who just returned home with our kids care center buddy, Yishak! They came over yesterday so he could see that our three aren't afraid of our giant Wooshah, and hopefully he would adjust better to their dog! It was so sweet to see these four kiddos playing together yesterday for the first time since July when they were all still waiting for their families! 
I am thankful for friends who drop off bags of hand-me-down's for my newest babies! This has helped SO much!

I am thankful for those shopping carts at T@rget that will mostly happily seat 3 littles... one in the cart and two in the 5 point harness molded plastic bucket seats! Aaahhhh!

I am thankful for my big comfy couch, which will cradle me this afternoon during nap time while I nurse my stupid headache!

I am thankful for leftover chicken made into chicken salad. I love chicken salad.

I am thankful for our swing set and trampoline. Never underestimate the power of outside play things.

I am thankful for sippy cups and baby gates. They keep my sanity more intact.

I am thankful for Sam's club and their .33/lb bananas. We do not currently have any, which reminds me ow much I miss having bulk bananas in the house.

I am thankful that my Grandpa made it through surgery last night. Life is short and sometimes it takes those harsh reminders to make you appreciate each day a little more.

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