Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ewedeshaloh, baby girl.

Things are happening around here.

Of the things I have loved most since the day we met our babies,
I have loved hearing them speak together in their native language.

I have loved hearing their songs - sung in Wolaytinga and Amharic
(but I won't pretend that I know which is which.).

I have loved trying to use the Amharic words from the
list we received in Addis Ababa from Holt.

I have enjoyed teasing them by intentionally mixing up words... like
Wahtet - milk or Wooshah - dog.
Sometimes I hand LB a cup of milk and say "Wooshah?"
and smile when she gives me that look like
 "Mom, you are so crazy!"

These things are coming to an end.

I can't stop it, no matter how hard I try to use the Amharic I learned.
I can't stop it by demanding they use Amharic, or the blended tongue they use.

But more and more I hear things like this:
"Mommy, no all-done tegna." as she yawns - telling me she wasn't ready to get up from her late nap.
"Mommy, E dat wooshah's bela?"  (Is that the dog's food?)
"Look, Mommy - Wooshah tegna sofa!" (Look Mom, the dog is sleeping on the couch!)

Now I hear Barney songs instead of many of the songs we loved hearing them sing for the past several weeks.

And while it may not seem like full-on English...
I know it's coming.
Like most things in raising children... the time goes by too fast!
We have only been home something like 7 weeks!

I'm not ready to let go of the Ethiopia in my babies just yet.

I wish they could keep their language forever.

I wish they could grow up bi-lingual in a tongue that is rarely heard in America.
I wish they could go back to Ethiopia some day as adults and be able to communicate and feel comfortable in their home land.

So for now, I will tuck you in with "Ewedeshaloh, baby girl! I love you!"

Ewedeshaloh babies!

Mommy loves you so much!
Reading a book while in Ethiopia.

Baby Boy and his kissy lips!

Sweet baby girl!


  1. I cannot fathom how hard it is to see your children's native tongue start to diminish in front of your eyes...but what you've written here has definitely shined a light on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...oh, and the pics are so darn cute!

  2. Your littles are absolutely adorable! I completely understand even though Ty came home with very little language.

    He actually has a wart on his finger that was even seen on his referral photos. I still can't bring myself to get rid of it, because I feel like it's the very last thing he has left from Ethiopia.

    Take lots of videos of those songs and dances!

  3. Oh Chrissy, just the small little thing that I am trying to hold on to while we communicate with Tenaye. I lOVE how she says the color orange while slightly rolling her "R's". The colors "blue" and "black" that come out Bee-lue and Bee-lack. Love it and will try to hang on to these precious words FOREVER!!


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