Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My baby turned 3!

Saturday was my baby boy's birthday!
He's "flrwee" (three) now!

We gave him my grandmother's birthday because
she's wonderful, and strong and just an amazing person...
and it's a small way to honor her!

Here's what we did that day
(after we dosed everyone up on cold medicine):

Group photo... our kiddos plus one! 

Brothers... they are so stinking cute!

Trying to help him get the biggest pumpkin possible!

She was DETERMINED to get this one!
We said they could get what they could carry!

What's with that smile??

He found a 3-year-old sized pumpkin!

Somebody LOVES her Daddy!

How did he get this big? And handsome??
I miss those chubby baby cheeks...

Giant slides

Kid-sized hamster wheels

I need a few of these in the yard, please.

He loved feeding the tiny ponies!

Gorgeous baby girl, no... I'm not bringing home a bunny.

Another first? First bunny in her lap!

Happy Birthday, baby boy!!
You sure are getting big!
You make us smile 
and YOUR smile 
can get you out of just about any trouble you get into!

We love you so much!!

And Granny...
What would I do without you?!?
Who would I BE without you?

I'm so thankful that God gave me you.
You who knows me so well,
and loves me anyway,
encourages me to be who Jesus made me to be,
and who taught me to make Chocolate Gravy.
And Red Velvet Cake.
And Biscuits.
And playdoh.
And how to sew.
And how to arrange wildflowers.
And a million other things!!
I love you so much!!
Happy Birthday!!


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  2. Great pictures. I love the picture of the "little" boys together.

  3. OMW! In that third picture with the ginormous pumpkin, he TOTALLY looks like a mini-Denzel Washington! I LOVE me some Denzel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY BOY & Granny!


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