Monday, September 19, 2011

She's 10!

She's 10 years old today.
How did a decade fly by so fast??
She was a baby like...
She was our little glo-worm,
sitting in a sunny window
with her bili-blanket under her tiny onesie.

Then, I blinked.

Enough with the blinking.

No more blinking.

She's 10 
and she's...
athletic shorts every day
neon green Converse hi-tops
playing in the mud
climbing trees
movies and her snuggie
puppies and kittens
talks loudly in her sleep
wishes for a puppy poster & an iPod 

and she's my little girl!

Now she's double-digits...
two high-five's...
well over half-way through her childhood.

But, she's growing up well.
She's turning into a beautiful young lady - 
inside and outside both.

She helps around the house -
many days I couldn't do it without her!

She is a complete type-A in a tiny package!
We joke that once she discovers Excel documents - 
she will have the whole world 
organized into nice tidy spreadsheets.
With pie charts.
And bar graphs.

Oh, baby girl... I just love you so much!!
Slow down a little, okay?

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
I love you a million tons!


  1. Happy Birthday! She looks *just* like Reese Witherspoon in Man in the Moon. So cute!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ouch 10 is a hard birthday......for me. double digits just sounds scary.


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