Thursday, September 1, 2011

little boxes

I think God is working on me in the
faith department.

If you read my post yesterday,
you read about our washing machine
incident, and the repairs.
Well, three loads later,
all is well and the seal held! 

Today, I read a line from a friend:
"The reason so many people have rejected Christianity, 
is that they have been offered such a small god, 
through the life example of the christian sharing."

Maybe it's having 7 kids at home...
Maybe it's my weird ability to think in movie quotations...
but my first thought was a line from Disney's Aladdin.
The Genie is telling Aladdin about being a genie and he says:

itty bitty living space!"

I wonder if that's how God feels sometimes.

In our lives, we have this amazing ability to
tap into the most phenomenal cosmic power...
but we keep God in this little box we pull out
on Sunday mornings and holidays.

Or when we are afraid.

Or when we are scared.

Or when we need something.

Or when we can't figure out any other way out of a problem.

Or when our team is about to take the field.

Maybe American Christians do treat God like a Genie in a lamp, after all.

Maybe the reason we have such little faith 
is because we have not allowed the God who 
created everything out of nothing 
to take our dumpy little lives
and create something AMAZING!

Maybe if we were expecting the AMAZING
instead of limiting God
to some warm fuzzy feeling we get during worship
or a cliche punchline on TV...
maybe then we would 
have our whole world rocked
by what He can do when let out of that little box!

I've chosen to expect something AMAZING.
I've chosen to live expecting to see what the Lord 
does in my life and have my jaw drop open,
eyes wide and say 
"WHOA!! Did you SEE THAT???"

What awesomeness are YOU expecting to see?


  1. I think this came out just about right :-)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Totally TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love Aladdin and LOVE our big, amazing, cannot imagine his love and power GOD!

  4. I so get this and love it! With certain folks in my life, I've gotten frustrated with their prayers for a good shopping experience, a parking space, guidance on where to go to eat...REALLY?? The two things that I have said without fail are, "Stop bugging God, He's busy!", AND, I'm not kidding, "GOD IS NOT A GENIE." Well done.


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