Monday, May 14, 2012


Just some random stuff I've said or heard...
 in the past 24 hours.

(walked into the girls' bedroom...)
Me: "Why are you all dancing around naked?"
5 year-old daughter: "We was having a party!"
Me: "A NAKED party??"
her: "Uh huh!"
Me: "We do NOT have naked parties. Ever. Until you are married."

6-year-old daughter: "I'm invited to Hawaii!"
Me: "Really? Cool..."
her: "Yep. It's my friend's birthday party!"
Me: "Maybe it's a Hawaiian party at her house...?"
her: "No. It's at Hawaii."

Me: "What is this on the floor?"
6-year-old daughter: "Pee."
Me: "Dog or People?"
her: "um...peoples?"

"PLEASE stop trying to blow up the toothpaste tube!"

"We do not dunk our hair bows in the potty, but if we did...
we certainly don't put it back in our hair!!"

"No, I will not buy any dry ice.
Our neighbors hate it when you guys explode water bottles."

(thinking to myself this morning...)
"pleeeease let that just be squished banana under my toes..."

"New rule: No more comparing biceps at the dinner table."

"Mom, Ricotta NO speak English? Ricotta speak Tigrinya??
Ricotta... na! Wow, Mom... Ricotta no speak Amhara!"
(uhm... Ricotta is a dog. She doesn't speak. At all.)

(Sometimes I say stuff just to hear myself talk...
to children who don't speak the lingo... like this:)
"First of all... The dog doesn't eat broccoli.
Second... You're the 10th of 12 children!
You will likely NEVER get away with rookie stuff like that!"

"Sorry... it takes a few minutes to buckle 5 kids into car seats."
(can't decide if that's funny... or

"No monkey noises on the potty!"

I think that's it for today...

I took 6 kids to the dentist this morning,
I'm tired.
Only two kids have cavities, so that's good I suppose...
one of them had the left side done today.
It was funny listening to him explain the procedure to his brothers
in Tigrinya.
"blah blah blah blah medicine...sleep...bzzzzz!!!! blah blah blah...Gift!"
(they gave me medicine, my mouth went to sleep, the thing went BZZZ!! then I got a present!)

Better update soon...
with pictures...
and words smart people use.


  1. Seriously cracking up! Hilarious!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the giggles! I'm praying for all of you!

    Susan in WI

  3. He he he he.....LOVE IT! :) Praying for you!!!! I know it must be hard, but amazing too!!!!

  4. Love this! I know you're so busy, so we really appreciate the blog posts!

  5. Chrissy-I finally added your blog to my blog roll this evening and popped over to your favorite blog posts. Several of them that you wrote right after you brought your 3 kiddos home, I could have penned myself (though I just brought ONE home!). This journey is so hard and sometimes you feel so alone. I try to be "real" on my blog, but some days I just feel like all I do is complain. It's so good to know you felt it too, survived it and went on to bring home 5 more! It truly gives me hope!!! Blog on!

  6. You can't stop them from comparing biceps at the dinner table...its a boy think and can't be stopped!

  7. Somehow you also cannot stop them from scraping teeth on forks, deliberately passing gas, talking with food falling out of mouths, "show food" games.... so many things... but memories are being made!!! LOVE!


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